About Annette Lum

Annette Lum has established herself as a specialist within the robust Asian and new immigrant market.

Having moved to Auckland from Singapore with her husband and three children, Annette understands the challenges facing individuals and families settling into a new area.

She has made it part of her personal and professional mission to assist with the transition and to help her clients make a home on Auckland’s North Shore.

She has always held a keen interest in property and investment, having bought and sold properties in Singapore with her husband. She appreciates the emotive significance of buying or selling an asset and takes care to guide her clients throughout the process.

Annette has a strong work ethic and an eye for detail. She prides herself on efficiency, professionalism and takes personal interest in her clients in seeing their dreams come to fruition.

With the growing Asian presence and the changing demographic on the North Shore, Annette’s ability to speak Cantonese and Mandarin allows her to understand the needs of the Chinese community and other Asian clients.

Annette keeps a close eye on property market news and commentaries in the interests of her clients. Having subdivided and currently undertaking the building of her current home, Annette has gained much knowledge on the prevailing regulations and consent processes. She believes in sharing information and resources so that her clients are empowered to make informed decisions.